Safety First

August 16, 2016

Did I lock the front door? Do I have my keys? These are some of the most common questions we like to ask ourselves when we leave our homes. Due to the times it can be difficult to trust people since so many within our society have been the victims of a home invasion. On that note, here are some ways to help prevent, or at least help you catch or hinder, those pesky criminals!



Installing New Locks


Changing your locks maybe one of your smartest moves to help prevent brake-ins. If you’re not sure you can do it yourself then you can contact your local locksmith for installation. You can even put in chain locks or bolt locks in order to help secure your home and put your mind at ease. HINT:Some locksmiths may even waver their prices if you purchase the locks yourself and may only charge you for the installation!




Not everyone has a dog so door and window alarms are a great way of not just      warning you about a potential intruder – but even scaring one off! If you’re worried about expenses fear not! There are pretty decent alarms you can purchase     ranging from $200 all the way down to $1! Yep, that’s right! Some of your local dollar stores, such as Dollar Tree, can have small alarms for you to install within your house. If you’re worried about them just making noise then you can call a professional alarm company that can install something within their systems to   notify police.




No I’m not talking about your grandma’s dentures! There are some options out there that, if strategically placed, can scare people off from even attempting to rob you. They are fake, yet highly convincing video cameras and even stickers to put on all of your windows!


An Extra Eye


Cameras. Installing these in the past used to be quite expensive, but now are costing as little as $70 for a small set. These items can purposely be visible to help ward an invader off or even be purchased to be invisible to whomever is stupid enough to go through your things – it’s not always a burglar that steals your valuables! New innovations in technology can not only protect your home, but put the footage within your phone!

There you have it! Better ways to help secure your home and put your worrisome mind at ease! Now to remember if you left the stove on or not!


       ~ From your friends at JB Home Inspections




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