Home Maintenance Tool Kit

June 20, 2017

 Every Home needs one - be PREPARED! 


A well-equipped toolbox is essential for completing jobs around the home – everything from hanging a picture frame to putting together furniture or doing major home improvements. Here are the tools everyone should own, from the most minimalist toolbox to a kit for the experienced DIYer.


First, let’s talk about how you’re going to acquire all these handy tools. Racking them all up at once could run you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The smartest course is to buy the basic tools you need to have on hand just in case and any additional ones you need for the project you’re doing; then pick up others along the way with each new project. This will also help you buy the best quality tools you can buy – a necessity if you don’t care for tools that snap or break after a few uses.


Wondering if you should rent or buy? If you’re only going to use it once (like a floor sander), definitely rent. If you’re likely to use it at least once a year, buy. Look for sales (hello, Father’s Day!) and refurbished tools you can get from resale stores or even yard sales.


Use the list provided by Home Maintenance Toolkit for Dummies as a guild to help fully stock your own Toolkit!


Basic Equipment                                                                           Other Handy Equipment

Bucket, 5-gallon                                                                               Brass brush, toothbrush-size

Caulking gun                                                                                    Chisels, cold and wood

Circular saw                                                                                     Construction screws, assorted

Clamps                                                                                              Cutting oil

Claw hammer                                                                                   Duct tape

Combination square or speed square                                         Nails, assorted

Drill, cordless, 3/8-inch variable-speed reversible                     Nylon scrub brush

Drill bit set                                                                                        Paintbrush

Flashlight                                                                                          Plunger

Flat scraper or putty knife                                                             Rags and towels

Glue, wood and all-materials (not Super Glue)                         Shims

Hand saw, small, multipurpose                                                   Silicone lubricant

Ladder, 6-foot fiberglass                                                               Shop vacuum cleaner

Level, 36- or 48-inch aluminum                                                    Small sledgehammer

Pliers, standard (slip-joint), long-nose                                         Channel lock, and Sponge

Wire-cutter (diagonal)                                                                    Toothbrushes

Gloves, rubber gloves and leather                                               Wood screws, assorted

Safety goggles

Sandpaper and sanding block


Screwdrivers, several sizes of both flathead and Phillips

Tape measure, 25-foot

Utility knife and extra blades

Wrenches, basic set of open-ended crescent wrenches, set of ratcheting socket wrenches, and set Allen wrenches


Finally, remember to put your tools back in the same spot after every use, whether you store them in a simple drawer, an actual toolbox, or a full-fledged workshop. (Trust me, it’s really no fun walking around your house wondering where your wrench is when a pipe is leaking.)


Happy Home Maintenance!


          ~ From your friends at JB Home Inspection


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